Wavve Link #1

Wavve Link #1

By Butch Porter

Host, Butch Porter, has conversations in his home town of Leesburg, VA, with good people, exploring "Great Ideas" which extend beyond the local, but often start there. We'll set up opportunities to participate, in person and online, for all Americans who are looking to go beyond the teams and explore ideas with love and intellectual curiosity.


61. “Develop the confidence to love the opposition…”

Butch sits down with the Philosophy teacher of the Loudoun Field Center, Mr Bill Fox, and they discuss the importance of developing good logical and rhetorical at a very young age.


60. “Just don’t give Her the car keys just yet…”

For this episode (a second in a series of three between Paul and Butch), we move on with a conversation about (and with an) Artificial Intelligence… both Julia (The AI) and Paul are sufficiently convinced that she is not SkyNet. Butch at least feignsRead more


59. “Get offline…”

LFC Talks launch episode… Paul Gernhardt and Butch Porter talk about the history and implications of algorithms in social media, what they mean, and what we can do about them. For more of Paul’s thoughts on any number of ideas, check out: https://pauRead more


58. "Be prepared to question your assumptions."

For a special mid-month episode, Butch has a “Great Conversation” with George Leef, the author of The Awakening of Jennifer Van Arsdale: A Political Fable for Our Time… George serves as the Director of Research at the James R Martin Center for AcademRead more


57. "God Save the Queen."

Butch and Jessica discuss the implications of the loss of Queen Elizabeth II -- one of the longest reigning monarchs in world history, and the longest in British history. They talk about what the UK means to the world, what the monarchy means to the Read more

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