By Marci

An insightful journey into losing sight through macular degeneration.


Insensitive! S2 Ep 6 - Please listen to Lou

Sight loss advocate Louise Plunkett a.k.a. Lou, had a long lasting impact on my day to day living and we chat together swapping yarns and stories., more


Insensitive! S2 Ep 5 - Up, up and away!

International travel is so much fun with a friend like Harry Cane.


Insensitive! S2 Ep 5 - up up and away,

International Traveller extraordinaire!


Insensitive! S2, Ep 4 - Planes, trains and cars but don’t forget the ferry!

Public transport travel assistance. Have you used it he is my experience.


Insensitive! S2 Ep 3 -What a Revelation!

Audiobooks love them or loath them? I am a new convert to this way of life and had a true revelation in my life from listening to one. Keto and me by Dr Ahmit Patel.

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