The See-Through Podcast

The See-Through Podcast

By Lance Johnson

Learn about life with a disability + vision loss through Lance's transparent conversations with the disabled community.


Victor Mifsud (Blind Biohacker) + Emma Krebs (The Curious One Podcast)

Victor Mifsud (Blind Biohacker) + Emma Krebs (The Curious One Podcast) join the podcast for a very special episode! In this episode, Victor + Emma and I discuss curiosity, biohacking, cancel culture, censorship, and social media. To learn more aboutRead more


Andy Ulanoff (Yaplaws Comics)

Andy Ulanoff (Yaplaws Comics) joins the podcast! Lance and Andy discuss all things YaPlaws comics, vision loss, the state of digital art + social media and much more! You can view some of Andy's work at | To learn more about thiRead more


Susan Johnson (My Mom!)

Episode 062 | Susan Johnson (My Mom!) joins the podcast! In this episode, my mom and I talk about her RP diagnosis, how she adapted to her vision-loss when it came to her teaching career and family life, how she felt when my sister and I were diagnosRead more


Vinnie Rupolo (Anxious Youth)

Vinnie Rupolo (Anxious Youth) joins the podcast! In this episode, Vinnie talks to Lance about his podcast, anxiety, his old heavy metal bands, the appropriate language you should use to describe people in the dwarfism community, and much more! To leaRead more


Update | The See-Through Podcast

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