Slurp, Gulp and Start on Sounds

Slurp, Gulp and Start on Sounds

Chris Lorensson

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Popping the Top of a Bottled Solution

Cough - cough - walk candied staple caves to practice active-ness in ways up on sandied bubble-wrap popping the top of a bottled solution: I'll make the day go by incase         we find a reason why!         You step up to the plate         for the first time in years,         it seems impersonal,         You've justified your ways         since you were eight years old.         Yeah – we're very handy..         in ways we'll never know. There's no discovery while bitterness is in – we wait for trends to pass         while fads start to set in. They say fads never last but I've seen them stand fast         year-end through year-begin. While we're popping the top of a bottled solution         our minds are fast at work:                 1) that 2% is working hard                 2) that past is hard at work! LINKS Get exclusive content on Patreon, including live Q&As, early access, videos and merch. The Official Webpage at Upptäcka Press Facebook Page Email Support the show (

About Slurp, Gulp and Start on Sounds

Ten years ago, I lost the computer files right before publishing my 196-poem anthology. Luckily, I saved the one physical hardcopy that was meant as a print-proof. I haven't written since. In this podcast, I'm sharing these poems with you. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.