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#SPOTLIGHT - Silly Talks Adelaide with Newgate Crowd

Welcome to a new segment on the pod! This time, I'm shining a light on different regions of the Land Down Under through the eyes of a local act.  ⁠Newgate Crowd⁠ might be a young, up-and-coming alt-rock band. But they know the Adelaide scene inside out.  Find out about their favourite venues, who has the only vinyl copy of their "Auditory Processing" EP, why they prefer to rehearse in a pilates studio and which character from the Muppet Show inspired one of the members to learn to play an instrument... which he ended up hating.  Give Newgate Crowd some love and watch their latest music vid to ⁠"Change of Mood"⁠ - the single we talked about in the show. Also, be sure to check out the ⁠playlist with local South Australian acts⁠, started by the band. (A correction here - it's now over 11 hrs long and counting.) I have the band's permission to use their song in the interview. --- Send in a voice message:

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All things (mostly) Aussie music-related from an opinionated non-Aussie blogger girl. Join the host, Saba of the, as she speaks to people who do something seriously “non-silly” (pun intended) in the music business. From artists to sound engineers, journalists, publicists, and other industry professionals. Discussions about broader industry topics & more personal chats with guests about what they do, how they do, and why they even bother.
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