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Silly #Afterparty - closing Silly Talks season 2

To close this season of the podcast, here are some bits and pieces from the chats with all four guests on some totally silly and some completely serious aspects of the music business, with a few insights from Down Under.    You'll hear again from:   - cellist Anita Quayle: - the gents from the art-rock band Peak Park: - Fight The Sun's frontman: - and the R&B powerhouse Caiti Baker:  Follow for more news and topics related to Australian music.    You can email me at:   with any collaboration proposals.    And stay tuned for more seasons of Silly Talks in the future! --- Send in a voice message:

About Silly Talks by Silly McWiggles

A podcast about all things Aussie music-related from an opinionated non-Aussie blogger girl. Join the host, Saba from the, as she speaks to people who do something seriously “non-silly” (pun intended) in the Australian music community. Discussions about broader industry topics + more personal chats with the invited guests about what they do, how they do and why they even bother.
 P.S. Contact Saba at for collab/chat proposals. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.