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Slaying Self Doubt Podcast

Philicia Wallace

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25 Imposter Syndrome Part 5

We are wrapping up our conversation about Imposter Syndrome. We are ending this series talking about your best NOT being good enough and the fear or failure and success!I enjoy your feedback and encouraging messages. If you want to share your WINS of the week, be a guest on the show, send questions or suggest show topics? Email me at slayingselfdoubt@gmail.comI want to keep the conversation going, join me in the Facebook community you like what you heard or know someone who could benefit from this podcast? Share and then subscribe to get notified about the newest episode and even the ones you may have missed. Remember to rate, review and comment!

About Slaying Self Doubt Podcast

Slaying Self Doubt is a movement to help black women overcome their fears, doubts and insecurities about themselves. We all know what it feels like to live in a sea of guilt, shame, self-doubt and unworthiness. Listen weekly to Philicia Wallace as she talks about her struggles as a mom, wife, friend, entrepreneur and woman. Join me on my journey to #SlayingSelfDoubt as we talk about - God, insecurities, procrastination, your purpose, finances, marriage and so much more!

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