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4: The Song

It's been at least a full episode since Derek has yelled at a woman for not being sexy enough for him, so this week Veronica Moore fixes that problem by performing a televised one night only concert and submitting to his every request! With Eileen facing a jury over the future of Bombshell and Julia preoccupied accidentally stumbling into yet another affair she didn't see coming, everybody else takes a second to stage a series of increasingly Fosse-esque numbers for the world* to see (* it's on Bravo, so by the world, we really mean like twenty people). And Ali and Olly are re-united after their week apart with tales of Alabama, The Ferryman, and Marie's Crisis.

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Ali Bloom and Olly Robinson get smashed and talk SMASH, episode by episode. An unofficial SMASH podcast. Not affiliated in any way with NBC or the original series. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.

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