Surviving the Music Industry

Surviving the Music Industry

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Drew Baldridge and SixForty1

Closing 2019's new episodes with country music artists Drew Baldridge and SixForty1. I'm introduced to Austin and Brooks, and their new music. Then Drew shares a look at his newest music as well as a couple of life updates.    Together, Austin and Brooks, may not have made sense in the world of fraternity life. But finding common ground, they became SixForty1. We sit down to get to know the guys and talk about writing songs. The differences, the common themes between rap, country, and pop. We also talk about their newest music and how far to take a song. Sonically and even lyrically. Follow the band @sixforty1 and to see tour dates soon visit   Drew Baldridge, originally from Illinois, lives in Nashville busting in the scene in recent years. In our conversation, we get to know Drew from humble beginnings and first moving to Music City. Developing himself and even an industry molding an entertainer as an artist. We take a look at all his music and the progression as a songwriter. We dive into songs and records like Dirt On Us, "Rebound", "Dance With Ya", "Senior Year", "Middle of Nowhere Kids", and more. We take a look at how life's interruptions can influence and even change a career. You can stream all of his music now, follow him @drewbaldridgemusic, and visit for the latest news.

About Surviving the Music Industry

Sit down with legends, risers, songwriters, session musicians, industry execs, etc., as they recount their biggest hits, past failures, battling addictions, racism, sexism, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and even homelessness to get where they are today. All the while host, Brandon Harrington, is still surviving the music industry. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.