Art of Product

Art of Product

By Ben Orenstein and Derrick Reimer



197: Growth Mindset

Derrick & Ben catch up after a few weeks away for the holidays. Ben is still in hiring mode. He's considering ways to do more teaching (something he used to do a lot when he was a programmer by trade). Derrick is planning to be more intentional in foRead more


196: The Hedonic Treadmill

Ben & Derrick chat about doing what you love versus doing what the business needs.


195: Metric Obsession

Ben and Derrick catch up after a holiday break. Ben chats about his recent design hire and Stephen's promotion to Chief of Staff at Tuple. Derrick ran a successful Black Friday promo for SavvyCal and is hard at work on the Stripe integration.


194: The Future of AoP

Ben and Derrick plan for the future of the podcast.


193: Feeling Ambitious

Ben and Derrick chat about their ambitions for building their companies and planning for the new year.

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