The Social Changemaker

The Social Changemaker

By Center for Social Change

Get the tools and wisdom to inspire change in your community with lessons and stories from nonprofit leaders at the Center for Social Change. Whether you run a nonprofit, have a community project, love to serve others, or want to make a positive impact on the world, you'll feel inspired connecting with these changemakers who share your values. New episodes premier on the last Tuesday of every month!


EP4 - Purpose-Driven Lawyers with Kristina Raattama

How do you know when your nonprofit actually needs a lawyer, and how do you choose the right one?Kristina Raattama, founder of MK Consulting, shares about when and how to consider hiring legal advice to organize your nonprofit when you’re on a tight … Read more


EP3 - Social Entrepreneur Mindset with Lucinda Kerschensteiner


EP2 - Hooked on Grants with Lorinda Gonzalez

When it comes to grants and grant-writing, most nonprofits just want to get the money and carry out their service. Sounds easy, right? It turns out that completing your grant applications is only 20% of the battle.Expert grant writer Lorinda Gonzalez… Read more


EP1 - Big Social Experiment with William Burdette

There are a million ways to work on a social problem. What’s the one, two, or five that are going to have a really big impact?Whether it’s homicide, incarceration, teenage pregnancies, child mortality, or drug addiction, all of these social problems … Read more

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