The Social Changemaker

The Social Changemaker

By Center for Social Change

Get the tools and wisdom to inspire change in your community with lessons and stories from nonprofit leaders at the Center for Social Change. Whether you run a nonprofit, have a community project, love to serve others, or want to make a positive impact on the world, you'll feel inspired connecting with these changemakers who share your values. New episodes premier on the last Tuesday of every month!


EP9 - Flood Your Commissioners with Collin Schladweiler

While U.S. politicians waver over climate change predictions and policy, Miami continues to experience the adverse effects of sea level rise including beach erosion, real estate flooding, and the imminent compromise of its low-lying coastal nuclear pRead more


EP8 - A Culture of Understanding with Morgan and Ashley Mayfaire

Human empathy is one of our most valuable and most under-utilized resources for cultivating a life of fulfillment and unconditional love. When we foster community around trust and respect, it’s amazing how people naturally care for each other. WithinRead more


EP7 - Magic City for Emerging Artists with James Echols

Miami artists are learning the art of business, and it’s changing our city in unexpected ways. In the last few decades, the arts have slowly been taken away from children in schools, depriving them of a vital outlet for joy, expression, and intellectRead more


EP6 - Business on the Right Path with Ricardo Casas

Poor planning is one of the top reasons businesses like startups and nonprofits fail in the first year, according to one Investopedia article. Does this sound like someone you know? A well-meaning person with a startup or nonprofit idea gets into buRead more


EP5 - Green Schools with Barbara Martinez-Guerrero

Our children are leading the conversation on sustainability, and they need our support to make a collective impact. A recent NPR survey reported that 80% of parents and 86% of teachers support environmental education. Even with support for greener cRead more

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