Wavve Link #1

Wavve Link #1

By Socialist Revolution

The latest in Marxist theory and analysis, brought to you by Socialist Revolution, the US section of the International Marxist Tendency. In the midst of capitalism's global meltdown, we provide class-struggle perspectives and revolutionary strategy for achieving socialism in our lifetime. More news updates and theoretical analysis available at socialistrevolution.org


Why We Are Communists

In this episode, comrade Kiara joins us from Philadelphia after a very successful event series with her university's Socialist Revolution club, Temple Marxists. She will explain the ideas of revolutionary Marxism and why we are communists, giving a tRead more


Perspectives for Revolutionary Socialism in the US

Socialist Revolution recently held its US Congress. Comrades from every corner of the country met for a weekend of discussions and voted on the US Perspectives document. In this episode, John Peterson gives an updated recap of this discussion documenRead more


Fight Climate Catastrophe with Revolution

We present the revolutionary Marxist position on how to adapt to climate change. In the final analysis, the climate catastrophe is a product of capitalist exploitation and domination, and the solution to this problem is intimately connected to the clRead more


Defend the Cuban Revolution!

Jorge Martin, a comrade in the International Marxist Tendency and editor for Marxist.com, appeared on Rupture Radio to discuss the Cuban Revolution, the recent protests that have broken out in the country, the imperialist blockade, and the tasks faciRead more


Israel, Palestine, and the Socialist Solution

For decades, the Israel-Palestine conflict has been one of imperialism's most blatant acts of oppression—with the systematic annihilation of the rights and lives of the Palestinian people at the hand of the Israeli state. Under capitalism, both the oRead more

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