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By J. Rosemarie

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Spreading Messages of Positivity - Linda P Thompson

Linda P Thompson is a speaker and author. But she's so much more. I admire her kind and gentle spirit. Her words spread a message of peace and generosity. Her quote for today: Don't make a permanent decision based on temporary emotions. ~unknoRead more


BONUS: Love After Mothering Solo - A Valentines Day Special

On this special Valentines Day episode, I speak with former podcast guests, Ayami Hiroshighe and Naomi Mamyie. Both former solo moms have found love after mothering solo. You will also hear from Brainz Magazine Honoree, Author, and Speaker Linda P.Read more


Changing Zip Codes with Carol Stratton

Carol Stratton has moved 22 times with her family. She has learned that moving often can be challenging. However, she believes that making connections soon after you move into your new home can help you settle into your new life. foster new connecRead more


Dealing With Your Child's Addiction - Heather Ross

Heather Ross is a solo mom of a child who struggled with addiction. She also coaches moms on how to deal with addiction in themselves and their children. She reminds us that: addiction affects the entire family it doesn't only involve drugs or alcRead more


How to Use Your Cycle to Practice Self Care - Dorit Palvanov

Dorit Palvanov is a married mom of three daughters who found a solution to being tired and worn out during her cycle. She discovered that: women have 4 cycles not two when you feel weak and worn out is not the time to double down on strenuous actiRead more

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