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Unpacking Monsters - Byrdy Lynn

If you stuff enough bad experiences in the closet of your mind, sooner or later stuff will overflow. They will start to drip out as harmful emotions that drive you to make poor decisions. Byrdy Lynn's used her anger in a destructive way. FortunateRead more


Empty Nest Over 50: The 3 M's of Success - Part 2

On this episode, I talk about the 3 M's of being an empty nester over 50 after mothering solo. Takeaways: our mindset has to change Since there's no spouse to connect with or focus on you now have find ways to focus on your own needs and goals tRead more


From Teen Mom to Advocate - Estefeny Mendez

How does a mom dealing with the consequences of her past decisions, postpartum depression, and domestic violence find the time to focus on earning a college degree? How does she even develop a mindset to dream about helping formerly incarcerated iRead more


Empty Nest Over 50 - Part I

I recently became an empty nester. It's the beginning of a new journey for me. I wanted to share briefly what I'm up to during this transition. Although it wasn't a surprise for me, it still takes getting used to. Not having my kids around. WRead more


You Can Rewrite Your Story - Melisa Cameron

One way to avoid repeating your past is to raise your standards. Melisa Cameron thought she would escape repeating her family history but ended where she hadn't planned to be. But she did the work on herself. She learned that by setting her standarRead more

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