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027 - Celebrate Your People

One of the most important audiences you can communicate with is within your own walls. Your employees, teams, departments. Your people. They not only represent your brand, but they are the ones who help your organization achieve their goals. But simply communicating to them is not enough. You have to celebrate them. That’s the approach taken by this episode’s guest, Joe Phillips, director of technology for Kansas City Public Schools. Joe shares his approach in this episode. Follow Joe on LinkedIn: Connect with me on LinkedIn: For more on this podcast:

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My goal is to help smart businesses, brands and people embrace storytelling to connect with their customers and audiences. In each episode, we'll meet someone who does amazing work and who spreads their message in interesting ways. Then, we'll see what storytelling tips, techniques, and lessons we can uncover. Listen to The Storytelling Companion every first and third Wednesdays! Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.