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039 - Sell it with a Story

Is storytelling important to sales? Or is sales just about making sure the customer is getting the right product at the right price? My guest this week is Justin McCarthy. Justin has been working in sales for all of his career, and believes that stories are critical to the sales process. In our conversation, we talk about the importance of salespeople understanding and relaying the company stories, how they build relationships with customers, and how companies should make sure their salespeople are on board with the corporate story.Connect with Justin on LinkedInFor more on this episodeConnect with me on LinkedIn

About The Storytelling Companion

My goal is to help smart businesses, brands and people embrace storytelling to connect with their customers and audiences. In each episode, we'll meet someone who does amazing work and who spreads their message in interesting ways. Then, we'll see what storytelling tips, techniques, and lessons we can uncover. Listen to The Storytelling Companion every first and third Wednesdays! Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.