TC Talks

TC Talks


TC Talks is the Latest Podcast from Thumb Culture bringing you the Weekly Gaming News and our Feature topic of the week!


TC Talks – EP16 – Streamers

This week’s Episode The Stu’s, Along with Dan, Discuss the recent News on Streamers. They also talked about Mixer going, and a detailed discussion about the streamer landscape with Dr. Disrespect, Ninja & Shroud.   YouTube | FaceBook | Twitter | InsRead more


TC Talks – EP9 – Nintendo Direct Mini

This weeks episode The Stu’s discuss the latest Nintendo Direct Mini. So of the titles that were announced included Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS 4, Saints Row IV®: Re-Elected, the remake of Panzer Dragoon: RemakRead more


TC Talks – EP20 – Accessibility

This week’s Episode The Stu’s, Along with Dan & Jay, Discuss Accessibility in Gaming and what we have today. They also discuss that Luigi has been found in Mario 64, Red Dead Online Finally has a Massive update and a round up of the Xbox Showcase. YRead more


TC Talks – EP13 – JoeR247

This weeks episode The Stu’s are Joined by JoeR247 as he is the Feature of the week! They discuss JoeR247 Streaming Life and what it takes to keep on top. We also discuss the gaming news such as the release of the new Elder Scrolls Online DLC: GreymoRead more


TC Talks – EP4 – Exclusives

This weeks episode The Stu’s discuss platform Exclusives. Are they a good or Bad Thing? Along with the Thumb Culture Review Roundup, they discuss some weekly gaming news including Virtual Reality and a Knights of the old Republic remake. YouTube | FRead more

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