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Starring tech founders Abadesi Osunsade [@abadesi] and Michael Berhane [ @michaelberhane_]. 

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All The Hot Girls Love Pinterest, Amazon Fresh is Fake! RIP OJ? Ft TechCrunch’s Dominic-Madori

Brand new Techish! This week, Michael sits down with TechCrunch reporter Dominic-Madori Davis to break down: • Pinterest is Megan Thee Stallion’s favorite app (5:20) • Influencer review tanks company’s stock (8:55) • OJ Simpson dies at 76 (13:00) • FRead more


DOJ Sues Apple, One-Person Unicorns, Daily Wire cuts Candace Owens, Child Social Media Ban

Brand new Techish! This week, hosts Abadesi and Michael break down:  The US government suing Apple (0:18)  Florida to ban social media for under 14s (8:42) Will AI create one-person unicorns? (16:33)  Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire cuts ties with Candace Read more


Diddy Do It? Reddit IPO, Ride For My DEIs, Return of Marissa Mayer

Brand new Techish! This week, hosts Abadesi and Michael dive into  • Diddy the Diddler (0:30) • Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis (5:15) • Is DEI the new n-word? (11:50) • Marissa Mayer’s new app embracing risk (20:40) • Reddit goes public (29:35Read more


The End of Software Engineers, Virtual Blackface, Diddy Allegations, Kanye Genius Ad

Techish is back! This week, we break down:  Shudu’s creator is finally paying Black models (00:15)  Christopher Nolan paid just under $100M for Oppenheimer (4:25) Another Diddy lawsuit (9:15)  Will DevOn AI replace software engineers? (12:55)  How tRead more


The TikTok Ban, Royal Conspiracies, and Elon’s Legal Battle with OpenAI

Techish is back in the building, and this week, we break down:  Are tech conferences worth it? (0:30) The TikTok ban (6:00) Trump AI fakes target Black voters (10:00 Kate Middleton conspiracy theories (14:50) Elon Musk is suing OpenAI (20:40) —————Read more

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