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Explore 009: Health & Safety

Episode nine of our specialist series, Explore: How To Plan An Expedition, focuses on Health and Safety. In this episode, Matt speaks with Megan Hine, Waldo Etherington and Aldo Kane. They demystify the 'risk assessment' process, and go through in detail how to research and write one. They also discuss how to manage risk effectively in the field, medical preparation, emergency evacuation plans, and comms. It's not only an informative episode, but a pretty exciting one too. Megan Hine is a survival consultant, wilderness guide and expedition leader. She has been a health and safety advisor on some of the biggest adventure and survival shows on TV, and has led multiple adventures to remote wilderness environments. She has lived and learned from indigenous communities across the world. Waldo Etherington is a remote location climbing specialist. He has over 15 years of experience in remote-location rigging, and has been a health and safety advisor for countless expeditions and field-research projects. He also features in our Camp Life, Jungles episode.  Aldo Kane is a former Royal Marines Commando and TV adventurer. He has been, both on and off screen, in some of the most extreme, high-risk environments on earth. His company, Vertical Planet, provides safety, security medical and risk management services to the film industry. You can find out more about the Royal Geographical Society and access advice and support for field research and scientific expeditions by visiting or follow them on @rgs_ibg on socials. Support this show Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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An ongoing series of long-form conversations with pioneers of exploration and discovery, filmmaker Matt Pycroft speaks to the most knowledgeable, accomplished and respected voices in the field. From mountaineers to Arctic scientists, tree climbers and polar explorers, The Adventure Podcast is a unique podcast that allows you to get up close with those who live extraordinary lives. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.