Power, Poverty & Politics

Power, Poverty & Politics

By The Center for Urban Renewal and Education

More than fifty years after the Civil Rights movement and nearly 160 years after the Civil War, racial tension in the country is at an all-time high. Riots, police reform and racial equity are all topics of national debate. Syndicated columnist and author of four books analyzing government impact on poverty in our urban communities, Star Parker, delves deep into national issues that impact America’s most distressed communities and the power and political will needed to fix them. This is a podcast of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, a non-profit think tank fighting poverty and restoring dignity through scholarship supporting faith, freedom, and personal responsibility.

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The Left Dreams of Zero Accountability in Massive, Wasteful Spending

Hardworking Americans, small business owners, and even large corporations are all held responsible when it comes to their spending and investments. But where’s the accountability and responsibility for the trillions being spent by the Left in the masRead more


Giving Thanks to Grace and Liberty

The House of Representatives has moved forward in passing the disastrous Build Back Better bill. Looking at the advancement of government dependency and the state of our nation after an incredibly tough year for all Americans, it’s easy to get lost iRead more


The Political Center Is Gone

What happens when the common ground of core values is lost? While Bill Clinton moved to the center to save his presidency, the nation looked vastly different than it does now. Data shows that voters and their parties have moved farther and farther frRead more


House Progressives Detached From Reality

Progressives continue to sling false, divisive attacks, even against members of their own party, all in the name of passing their massive reconciliation social spending welfare bill that will plunge our nation deeper into debt and drastically change Read more


The Right To Work with Mark Mix

Last week, Star discussed the PRO Act – a union power expansion hidden in the Senate reconciliation bill. This week she sat down with Mark Mix, the President of the National Right to Work Committee, a 2.8 million member public policy organization. ThRead more

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