The Daily Freak

The Daily Freak

By FreakyHealer

Inspirational and happiness provoking life hacks–brought to you by Jacqueline Pirtle, the bestselling author of 365 Days of Happiness, What it Means to BE a Woman, and Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops. Jacqueline invites you to shift yourself to BE and live in your high-for-life frequency–a space in which you experience your life as the most phenomenal ever. No matter the circumstances. Enjoy the height!


Starting out as equals!

We need to rewind back to the basics and the beginning where: Energy is all there IS and Equality is all there IS!


How to live a pressure-free life!

Pressure is very non-forgiving when it comes to mental and emotional wellness—and also physical health.


Mindfulness—and why it’s so important!

Happy versus mindfully happy, angry versus mindfully angry, hearing a bird versus mindfully hearing that bird... What does mindfulness do for you?


Do it like your eyes—forward it IS!

Because backwards involves all kinds of trouble...


Everything always fertilizes your next!

The question is, what are you gonna do with this fertilization!

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