The Daily Freak

The Daily Freak

By FreakyHealer

Inspirational and happiness provoking life hacks–brought to you by Jacqueline Pirtle, the bestselling author of 365 Days of Happiness, What it Means to BE a Woman, and Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops. Jacqueline invites you to shift yourself to BE and live in your high-for-life frequency–a space in which you experience your life as the most phenomenal ever. No matter the circumstances. Enjoy the height!


In stillness IS easiness!

Create “stillness pockets” throughout your new day and see what happens for you!


Does your love want to spread or not?

Be conscious with your love so you don’t run yourself low or empty.


Your center—the golden gate to bliss!

Create your center, feel your center, and stay in your center.


Enjoy the treasure hunt!

The treasure IS there—the map is outlined and the clues show up automatically! Enjoy!


Why even fuss about anything too much?

Life is an ever-moving experience and sometimes it changes faster than you can create differently.

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