The Enlightened Millennial Podcast

The Enlightened Millennial Podcast

By The Enlightened Millennial Podcast

Two Millennials at completely different stages of their life come together to share their thoughts on how to make it in America in 2019.


S3E5: How To 10x Your E-Commerce Business Ft. Jesse Westover

As retail is dying a slow death, the world's turning to E-commerce; but, how do you get started? What are the best practices? How do you capitalize the digital game? We invite Jesse Westover from the Nutrition Junction on our podcast to discuss all tRead more


S3E4: The Big Coronavirus Hoax & How To Make Serious Money Flipping on Ebay

Is the Coronavirus a Big Hoax? What's behind the biggest shutdown in modern history? JB from the Fail Academy joins us to break down his perspective and also shares immense knowledge on how he grew a massive Ebay business during the midst of a pandeRead more


S3E3: Why Side Hustles Are The Future & Why You Should Make As Much Money As Possible

In this episode, we're joined by serial-investor and FOREX Coach & Trader Sal Medina discussing the upcoming economic collapse and what all of us can do protect ourselves in the future. Also, we discuss why you should stand up for yourself, how to avRead more


S3EP2: The Secret Hack To Startup Profitabilty & Why Focus is Everything

In this episode we discuss the difference between being productive vs. being a task master (it's not the same), and how most startups can avoid losing money their first year.


S3EP1 - What's Your Legacy Going to Be? Why You Should Be The Author Of Your Own Story

The Enlightened Millennial Podcast is BACK! Leo & Prady discuss the importance of being your own role model and risking everything to ensure you have a legacy to leave behind when it's all over.

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