The Enlightened Millennial Podcast

The Enlightened Millennial Podcast

By The Enlightened Millennial Podcast

Two Millennials at completely different stages of their life come together to share their thoughts on how to make it in America in 2019.


S2E6: Stop Letting Others Hijack Your Dreams: Your Purpose is Sacred

Everyone’s vying to tell you what your dream should be and what you should be motivated to do — your teachers, your coaches, sometimes your parents, or worse yet — Hollywood and the mainstream media. But until you find out what sets your own soul on … Read more


S2E5: Scaling like a Maniac & The Art of Thinking Big

Leo Launches his startup FLKR, and Prady talks about growing AZOTH from $6K to 100x in 365 Days without outside capital. Takeaways: - Thinking Small is the most expensive thing you can do - Most People Reject Themselves before trying - Entrepren… Read more


S2E4: You Must Fight For Your Freedom: The Power of Options & Being Able to Walk Away

Freedom isn't free. It's fought for, tooth and nail. Just like America fought for hers, so must you. What makes you think you can sit back idly and will be freely entitled all the best things life has to offer? If you want to get ahead, you must abso… Read more


S2E3: Extreme Ownership & The Ruthless Pursuit of Your Mission

Let's be honest. You're a little bitch. You complain, you whine, you blame society and you get nowhere. Today, we're going balls deep and explain why you MIUST undergo a paradime shift and take extreme ownership of your life if you want to save yours… Read more


S2E2: Everything You Wanted to Know About Getting Rich & Investing in Stocks Ft.Tyrone Jackson

Want to get started in investing in the stock market but don't know where to start? We've got you covered as we bring on the Founder of the WealthyInvestor.Net, Tyrone Jackson who breaks it down like never before. Tyrone has been featured on CBS … Read more

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