The Enlightened Millennial Podcast

The Enlightened Millennial Podcast

By The Enlightened Millennial Podcast

Two Millennials at completely different stages of their life come together to share their thoughts on how to make it in America in 2019.


S3E13: How To Dominate Your Life & Make it Your B****: The Way to Alpha

In this episode, Prady & Leo discuss how to take TRUE ownership of life and the kinds of decisions you need to make to get there. This EPISODE GOES DEEP. Stay tuned for the whole thing, this is one of the best episodes of EM yet.


How To Become Mentally Strong & Grab Life By The Balls In The Cancel Culture Age Ft. John Fosco

We're joined by the legend John Fosco (Co-Host Business & Biceps podcast) and we dive deep into how cancel culture and poor parenting has led to a generation of snowflakes not prepared for the real world. John provides tips on how to become mentally Read more


S3E11: The 2020 Election: Why Leaders Need a Message & How To Remain Unbiased in a Polarized World

The Elections are next week and we discuss why leaders need a STRONG message to get turnout. Is Biden cannibalizing the vote by simply "resisting" Trump, or will it play in his favor? How will the economy be affected by a Trump Presidency? How do navRead more

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