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85 | How Important Is It To Wear A Watch In The 21st Century With Alec Zaballero

▶️ Check This Out On YouTube: Alec Zaballero is an esteemed architect and partner at TPG Architecture, with a profound interest in watches. Alec’s passion extends to his role in the Harvard Club Watch Collectors and Enthusiasts, where he leads a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. With his comprehensive knowledge of menswear and horology, Alec is uniquely positioned to discuss the intersection of fashion and watch culture, making him the ideal guest to explore the relevancy of wearing a watch in the 21st century.   In this episode, you'll learn: - The significance of watches beyond telling time and their role as personal totems and cultural symbols.  - Insights into the burgeoning world of micro watch brands and how they are shaping the current landscape of horology.  - How to use fashion and accessories to convey the right signals about oneself and combat common age-related assumptions.  So do you own a watch? Do you integrate watches into your own fashion? What type of watches do you like? Leave a comment below. 👔 GET MY FREE GUIDE TO HELP YOU DRESS BETTER:   Timestamps   00:00 The Philosophical Significance of Watches  00:39 Meet Reg Ferguson: Fashion Geek and Men's Style Guru  01:35 Diving Deep into Watch Culture with Alec Zaballero  03:37 The Personal and Cultural Impact of Watches  04:53 Debunking the Necessity of Watches in the Digital Age  06:35 Watches as Totems of Personal and Cultural Identity  16:26 The Harvard Club Watch Collectors Group: A Community Born from Passion  21:49 Diving Into the Vetting Process and Club Dynamics  23:12 The Social Exercise of the Club  24:00 Guests and Events: Enhancing the Club Experience  24:34 The Challenge of Membership and Community Contribution  25:29 Exploring the Resurgence of Private Clubs  26:01 Diversity and Leadership in Club Communities  31:07 Defining a Watch Geek vs. Enthusiast  32:30 A Personal Take on Watch Collecting  34:16 The Impact of Micro Brands in the Watch Industry  36:28 Fashion, Personal Branding, and Communication  41:23 Fashion Tips for the Everyday Man  43:02 The Philosophy of Always Being Fly   CONNECT WITH REG  🌐  📸  💼 🎵   CONNECT WITH ALEC   📸  💜Leave a review on Apple Podcasts   🟢Leave a review on Spotify Full Transcript & Show Notes

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"The Fashion Geek Podcast” is about the Men's fashion industry and the entrepreneurs who help shape it. We discuss their brands and business along with topics and trends affecting the industry. We share our love of menswear: the clothing, the accessories, the style and the fashion. Reg Ferguson (Fashion Geek #1) is the owner of New York Fashion Geek, a Men’s fashion consultancy helping the everyday man improve his look. Learn why these people do what they do and maybe pick up a tip or two. Always be fly. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.