The Global Practitioner

The Global Practitioner

By Lauren Marie

Welcome to the Global Practitioner Podcast, your source for quick tips on online business & marketing strategies for health & wellness experts. I'm your host, Lauren Marie, former acupuncturist & wellness center owner who up and moved from Washington DC to the Sunshine Coast of Australia, to become an entrepreneur & mom of twins. I've come a long way to create the life of my dreams and now I help other practitioners create location, time and financial freedom by growing their businesses online. If you want to turn your knowledge and hands-on experience into a profitable online business that is fun and filled with ease, then grab those earbuds, turn the volume up and let's dive in!


How important is growing your email list?

Growing your business means reaching more people and making more money. So, what does an email list have to do with it? In this episode we cover questions like: Do you need a list? Do you need a large list? Is having only social followers good enougRead more


4 signs you have exhausted your existing audience

Have you exhausted your existing audience? Here are four signs that you have done just that: You're having to create new classes or courses or offers in order to make sales. You're having to deliver the class LIVE over and over vs. creating an onRead more


Top 5 signs it’s time to create an online course

If your business doesn't already have an online course, you should definitely consider creating one to grow your business and expand it's reach.  So, what are the top 5 signs that it's time to create an online course? You're looking for a way to Read more


When and What to Give Away for Free

How do you know when you are giving away too much or too little of your content for free? There is no right answer, just different opinions. In this episode we cover: The signs that you're giving away too much content for free Why it's importanRead more


Is it Groundhogs day again?

Are you just doing the same-old, same-old, day after day? What if you could choose something different? Get excited about life again? The key is to break up your routine, even just by changing the way you do the simple small stuff, like the hand youRead more

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