The Global Practitioner

The Global Practitioner

By Lauren Marie

Welcome to the Global Practitioner Podcast, your source for quick tips on online business & marketing strategies for health & wellness experts. I'm your host, Lauren Marie, former acupuncturist & wellness center owner who up and moved from Washington DC to the Sunshine Coast of Australia, to become an entrepreneur & mom of twins. I've come a long way to create the life of my dreams and now I help other practitioners create location, time and financial freedom by growing their businesses online. If you want to turn your knowledge and hands-on experience into a profitable online business that is fun and filled with ease, then grab those earbuds, turn the volume up and let's dive in!


Needs, Wants, Desires... What Are You Asking For?

Right now people are looking at what they can't do and don't have. What would it create if you would instead look at what you would like to create, so that what you desire shows up? Are you willing to ask for that? Are you willing to demand of you tRead more


How much $$ should I be making in my wellness business?

When you're creating a new business it's difficult to know what to shoot for financially. What's possible? What model do you base it on? How do you know if you're doing well (or not)? Join me to discuss this question: How much $$ should I be making iRead more


Someone else is already doing it...

Are you passing up your chance to make the impact only YOU can in the lives of the people who are waiting for what you have to offer just because "someone else is already doing" the same thing you want to? Join me to find out what this is just plain Read more


Finding your voice in your marketing

Little things in your tone, using certain words (or not) can really define and clarify who you are targeting with your message. They call it "brand voice." I like to think of it as the way people get to know you (even when it's not actually you). JoiRead more


Overcome perfectionism and just start!

I think this might be the number one killer of all future success... So did your ears just pick up? They should. You might call it perfectionism, but really it's an excuse. What I’ve noticed in some of my groups is that it's a pattern that many peoRead more

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