The Possibility Club

The Possibility Club

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The Possibility Club podcast explores the future of business, culture and education. Richard Freeman talks to the people at the coalface of change.



Practical Bravery: TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP! What can we learn from medical practice about resilience, purpose and communication that can support every line of work? If all professionals had an opportunity to reflect deeply on what matters to tRead more


Practical Bravery - HAPPY FOOD!

The Possibility Club podcast: Practical Bravery - HAPPY FOOD! In this episode, we’ll explore the evolving dynamics of the restaurant industry, particularly in the face of economic challenges and shifting consumer behaviours. We’ll discuss the impoRead more


Practical Bravery - RADICAL WATER!

The Possibility Club podcast: Practical Bravery - RADICAL WATER!   How can innovative partnerships transform global health initiatives? What role does transparency play in building trust and driving impact in charitable organisations? This episoRead more


Practical Bravery - CUTTING EDGES!

The Possibility Club podcast: Practical Bravery - CUTTING EDGES!   In this episode we dive into the textured world of style AND substance, where creativity meets a profound sense of purpose. How do our expressions of style reflect broader culturaRead more


Practical Bravery - CONSCIOUS CO-WORKING!

The Possibility Club podcast: Practical Bravery - CONSCIOUS CO-WORKING!   In this episode we explore the transformative world of co-working spaces and the burgeoning professional communities they foster. As the traditional office evolves and the Read more

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