The Pursuit of Authenticity

The Pursuit of Authenticity

By Courtney Bishop

We were all created to offer something unique to the world. Hosted by High Performance Coach, Courtney Bishop, The Pursuit of Authenticity Podcast emerged from a passion in fitness, and developed into a deeper fascination with mindset, human behavior, and philosophy to focus on the bigger picture. As a Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Trauma-informed Yoga teacher, and mindfulness educator, Courtney provides insightful episodes to guide you to realize your potential; physically, mentally and emotionally. Expect to hear from many inspiring guests who have discovered what can happen when you take the time to find and pursue your gifts. Follow along and begin your journey to The Pursuit of Authenticity. You have the answers inside of you of who you were created to be. Your highest potential, your most authentic self, awaits.


Episode 60: Releasing Pressure To Welcome Even Better Than You Can Imagine

You have these grand plans of what you want to do, who you want to be, and what you want to become as a new or aspiring coach!! And sometimes, that comes with a heavy pressure... that you have to figure it all out... how to make it happen.. how to gRead more


Episode 59: Cleansing Your Focus For A New Season Ahead

Whether you're located in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, you're probably seeing outside you and feeling within you the shift happening in the seasons. This is a wonderful time to clarify new intentions for the season ahead, soak in the gratitudRead more


Episode 58: Sitting In The Gratitude Of All That You Already Are

A guided meditation to help you remember all that you are, & what's already yours. We'll travel beyond the borders of the mind, into the land of dreams, and harness the power of this good, abundant energy as it fills you & reminds you of who you alreRead more


Episode 57: The Beauty in Multi-Disciplinary Entrepreneurship

Your calling may not seem linear, and that's okay because it doesn't have to be. Despite how society makes it seem, you don't have to confine yourself to one field of study in order to be successful. What matters most is following what feels good andRead more


Episode 56: Affirming Your Life Calling; Affirmations for Abundant Health & Wealth

Requested by you, the one who knows you're meant for more, these carefully crafted, life-giving affirmations were blessed and guided by three powerful stones; rose quartz, sardonyx, and rainbow quartz to help you soak in deep self-compassion & uncondRead more

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