The Pursuit of Authenticity

The Pursuit of Authenticity

By Courtney Bishop

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We were all created to offer something unique to the world. Hosted by High Performance Coach, Courtney Bishop, The Pursuit of Authenticity Podcast emerged from a passion in fitness, and developed into a deeper fascination with mindset, human behavior, and philosophy to focus on the bigger picture. As a Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Trauma-informed Yoga teacher, and mindfulness educator, Courtney provides insightful episodes to guide you to realize your potential; physically, mentally and emotionally. Expect to hear from many inspiring guests who have discovered what can happen when you take the time to find and pursue your gifts. Follow along and begin your journey to The Pursuit of Authenticity. You have the answers inside of you of who you were created to be. Your highest potential, your most authentic self, awaits.


Episode 81: Looking Within To Remember who you Really Are With Courtney Bishop

Nature does not rush, and everything is accomplished. A philosophy I've lived by and preached for many years at POA, and something I'm absolutely realizing the fruits of not only in my daily living, but in those of you who also follow The Pursuit of Read more


Episode 80 Driving The Car That Is Meant For You With Courtney Bishop

The things you love and are passionate about are not random, they are, in fact, your calling. You desire them because a future version of you already has them. Say thank you and sit in awe of how they will arrive in your world! more


Episode 79: Trusting In The Divine Light Of The Universe With Ethan Schaltegger

This week, we're very fortunate to have a chat with a dear friend & former UYP client, Ethan Schaltegger. Meeting through the discipline of powerlifting, our paths have intertwined over the years thanks to the practice of mindfulness meditation. In tRead more


Episode 78: Witnessing And Being Astonished By Your Vision With Courtney Bishop

Witness the gift of your dreams coming true before your eyes. There's nothing for you to do or make happen, simply receive who you are, and be astonished by your vision. Youtube series: more


Episode 77: Owning Your Authenticity From Within with Lacou Flipse

You're going to want to come back to this one several times over, as it's filled with endless joy, hope, inspiration, and light. Joined by the lovely Lacou Flipse this week, we discuss her work of (he)art and play she's created for herself as a PleasRead more

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