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The Readerly Report

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The Readerly Report is a lit podcast hosted by Nicole Bonia & Gayle Weiswasser. We offer candid book conversations, recommendations, observations and tips for the reading life.


Books We Still Want To Read This Summer

On this episode, Gayle and Nicole talk about the summer 2021 books they are still hoping to read, even though summer is basically half over. They have a lot to do. Links mentioned: more


First Half 2021 Reading Wrapup

Gayle and Nicole look back on the last six months of reading: what has worked for them, how their reading lives have changed, standout reads and stats. Books mentioned on this episode: The Nine Lives of Rose Napolitano by Donna Freitas Malibu RisRead more


June Is Audiobook Month! Here's the latest in audiobook trends

On this episode, Gayle and Nicole chat with bookseller, podcaster and Libro.FM ambassador Claire Handscombe about how the pandemic affected audiobook usage, diversity in audio narration and what she's been listening to lately. Links mentioned: httpRead more


Books About The Dark Side of Suburbia

Gayle and Nicole discuss books about the dark side of suburbia: how people who are different are often mistreated or excluded, how darkness and evil can live under the surface and how society's ills - racism, environmental issues, abuse - often play Read more


Books About "Wives", "Girls", "Sisters" And "Mrs.": We Pick Our Faves

Has the trend of titling books with "wife", "girl", "sister" or "Mrs." shown any sign of letting up? In this episode, Gayle and Nicole discuss this idea of making main female characters anonymous through this type of title. They also discuss their faRead more

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