The Truth Paradigm

The Truth Paradigm

By Victor Sierra

Beneath the surface of our inherited conditioning and the challenges we face, lies the truth of who we can become and the life we can create. Speaking with guests from all walks and stages of life, we’ll uncover the collective insights and breakthrough moments that ignite authenticity, meaning, and fulfillment.


EP 09: Catherine Caputo - The Undefined Soul

The relationship between an individual and their soul is a continual evolution of expansion and authenticity, but what happens when the labels that we are given don’t match how we feel inside? On this episode, Catherine Caputo, shares her personal stRead more


EP 08: Meredith Porretta - Restoring your Self-Esteem

By definition, self-esteem is the impression we have of ourselves. However, it is often the dynamics of our most meaningful relationships that reveal a limiting or enhancing sense of self-worth. On this episode, Meredith Porretta, reflects on the insRead more


EP 07: Lundy Bancroft - The Joyous Recovery

Emotional healing doesn’t have to be an arduous and lonesome process. In fact, with the right support system, we can transform our relational wounds into reconciliation. On this episode, bestselling author, Lundy Bancroft, shares insights from over 2Read more


EP 06: Sachem Hawkstorm - Vices of Intergenerational Trauma

It has been said that we are a product of our environment, but what if our surroundings don’t cultivate the person we wish to become or the communities we aspire to create? On this episode, Sachem Hawkstorm, a hereditary leader of the Schaghticoke FiRead more


EP 05: Lorina & Corey Gardner - Recovering Autism

Autism doesn’t come with come with a manual, it comes with a parent that never gives up. On this episode, Lorina and Corey Gardner candidly open up about their most challenging and rewarding moments in recovering their son, Zander, from Autism. ShariRead more

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