Tipsy Business Podcast

Tipsy Business Podcast

By Carley Zuercher

Join me each week as we dive into the inner workings of our brain and business to maximize our potential while we sip our favorite cocktails. Grab a glass, let's talk business.


[5mf] 11 freebie ideas to grow your list


A crash course in email lists with freebies

I'm taking you BTS of my freebie that has added over 5k people to my email list + helping you decide if you need an email list and the best way to use it.  Questions to help: What's the purpose of your email list of freebie? Why should someone carRead more


Simple mindset shifts that change EVERYTHING.

If you only listen to one episode, let it be this one. As entrepreneurs, we often get stuck in a loop of creating problems that don't exist and only seeing the things that are going wrong. Today, we're shifting some of that focus to something that feRead more


[5mf] Reframing Anxiety

Anxiety is real. And this one little mental note helps me disconnect from it just a little.


Maybe you should quit...

If you grew up with the idea that quitting is bad, today I'm inviting you to look at this belief and PLAY instead.

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