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Episode 31: You Saved My Business

THE VALUE OF A TRADE CREDIT INSURANCE BROKER One customer of a seasonal business was responsible for 80% of the company’s revenue. When it filed for bankruptcy protection the seasonal business owner was owed $1.6million. In this episode “From the TreRead more


Episode 30: Know Your Customer

WHAT’S IN A NAME? EVERYTHING! When a receivables insurance/trade credit insurance policy holder submitted a seven figure claim it came to light that they had requested cover on the wrong company because of confusion with the company name. This From tRead more


Episode 29: From the Trenches

How a decision to limit exposure on a well-known, 100 year old distribution and logistics company protected Coface clients from its 2023 bankruptcy.


Episode 28: The Fraud Podcast

During challenging economic times fraud can become more prevalent. On this edition of the TradeSecurely podcast our guests have both have seen an increase in fraudulent claims in the last 2 years in their roles in the receivables insurance industry. Read more


Episode 27: It's Your Money. Make Sure You Get Paid

On this episode to the TradeSecurely podcast we discuss how to mitigate your risk and collect on your receivables in way that maintains the business relationship.

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