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Weird Homes Tour - A Lesson in Embracing Your Weirdness

IN THIS EPISODE: In this episode, Ross sits down with Weird Homes Tour Co-Founder, and serial entrepreneur, David J. Neff to discuss how his passion for weirdness actually turned in to a business. How he makes decisions to grow Weird Homes Tour His advice for anyone who’s starting their business as a side hustle The weirdest weird homes he’s ever seen What he’s excited about RIGHT NOW What the Weird Homes Tour is REALLY all about SHOW NOTES: ABOUT TRICYCLE CREATIVE: Tricycle Creative is a Content + Digital Marketing Agency based in Austin, TX that helps businesses of all sizes be better Marketers. We do this by providing Marketing Workshops, Consulting, Content Coaching, and Creative Services (blog writing, video + photo, branding + logo, graphics, and social media). So if there's something about your Marketing you want to improve, or don't understand, let's schedule a free consultation and we'll develop a learning plan and strategy. Are you needing help with your Marketing? Contact Tricycle Creative! EMAIL: hello WEB: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:

About TRIPOD | Tricycle Creative Marketing Podcast

TRIPOD is a Marketing podcast produced by Tricycle Creative that aims to help business owners and entrepreneurs be better Marketers. Each episode features news, tips, interviews, and commentary from the worlds of Marketing, Media, and Miscellaneous. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.