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Dr. Kristen Casey: The Truth About Sleep and Your Mental Health

In this episode of the HUMAN First podcast, LAST EPISODE OF THE YEAR. Dr. Kristen Casey is clinical psychologist, author, and content creator. She’s the founder and owner of a private practice and consultation company. Prior to her psychology career, she was an EMT for 5 years. Her clinical training focused on health psychology, which sparked her interest in sleep, anxiety, and dedication to utilizing modalities that are rooted in science and research. Dr. Casey is most known on social media for providing mental health and wellness content about insomnia, anxiety, and gender/sexuality concerns. Episode Description and Show Notes: In this episode of the HUMAN First podcast, Dr. Courtney discusses: Kristen describes herself as a partner, dog mom, connective, and knows all the presidents in order. Kristen’s why for being in the mental health field starts with her career in the ambulance field Defining what sleep is and what our brains do during sleep There are over 70 sleep disorders Answering the question “how much sleep should people get?” and what brain waves are present during sleep? Awakenings are normal, the most “normal” sleeper has about 2 awakenings per night People of color, veterans, and women tend to have more trouble sleeping She specialized in sleep by accident, and ended up falling in love with it. If your soul is tired, sleep won’t fix your problem. Privilege plays a huge role in sleeping habits. One tip is waking up at the same time everyday can be really helpful for sleep regulation “Nobody’s ever going to take you seriously” and other stigmatizing moments for being a therapist with tattoos Sometimes the best thing you learn from clients is the opposite of what you learn in school The nuances of cultural competency and knowing lived experience is completely different Her purpose in life is to learn as much as she can and connect with people Most common themes when it comes to having insomnia and how likely we are to get it. Being able to rest and being able to sleep is a privilege, and your working on your souls energy is key to better sleep You can find Dr. Kristen Casey online at: IG: YouTube: Twitter: TikTok: Learn more about Kristen's offerings at: Dr. Courtney Tracy’s additional offerings: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter: @_thetruthdoctor Exclusive YouTube Show: The Truth Doctor Show Healing texts: USA & Canada (424) 228-9525 Website: This podcast is not therapy and does not provide personalized clinical advice. The purpose of this podcast is to provide mental health based entertainment and psychoeducation

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What does it mean to be a human in today’s world? More crucially, what does it mean to be a human first—to experience the truth about your inner experience and how to help yourself before tending to any external needs? If you've struggled to answer these questions, then this podcast is for you. HUMAN First with Dr. Courtney dives into honest and real conversations about what it means to be a human with both physical and mental health needs. Guests include clinical experts, doctors, entrepreneurs, survivors, coaches, and more. We hope our episodes help you. New episodes come out on Wednesdays! Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.