Authentic Persuasion Show

Authentic Persuasion Show

By Jason Cutter

The Authentic Persuasion show is a 5x a week show with one goal – to help you be more effective in your sales career or with running your sales team. Jason Cutter brings his nearly 20 years of sales/leadership experience with this updated podcast centered around his book: Selling With Authentic Persuasion. If he can do it (a guy with a marine biology degree), then you can to! The guests and topics will provide insights on how to do your part in shifting the way that sales is done, moving to being a profession that you can be proud of and prospects actually want to buy from. This show is for you if you: A) Are in sales, but think there is a chance you are acting more like an Order Taker B) Are looking for new ways to improve your selling effectiveness C) Have found that you aren’t a fan of most sales ‘tactics’ D) Just want to round out your sales podcast library with something different! The show was previously titled The Sales Experience Podcast, with 310 episodes published before the change. That means there is a ton you can go back to for inspiration and advice. Make sure to subscribe, and for more about Jason, the book, and sales, go to –


[400] ASK! with Mark Victor Hansen

Do you want to know the mindset of a salesperson? Are you interested in developing skills in the sales industry? Are you looking for answers on how to become successful in sales? Sales is the highest paid work yet the lowest paid easy work in the Read more


[399] Do You Have A Mission?

What is your mission? What drives you? And we’re not talking about big life purpose, not even about, how you’re going to change the world. But more of like, what is at the core? One of the biggest things that have been found in a person’s life is Read more


[398] Getting Your Mind Right, with Kevin Stacey

Do you doubt yourself? Are you not confident enough to take on sales? Do you have what it takes to be a top salesperson, or are you going to cower away? People who are confident trust their capabilities. They do not wallow in fear and hide; insteaRead more


[397] Dominating Stages and Sales Success, with Jennifer Gottlieb

Are you wondering how you can improve your company’s sales? Interested to know how can you authentically connect with your audience rather than simply making a sales pitch? What does “thoughtful” communication really mean when you’re talking to a cusRead more


[396] Door2Door Success, with Sam Taggart

What does it really take to be successful in door-to-door selling? Analyze the situation, be intuitive and come up with a way to break the ice and have a good authentic conversation with who you are selling to, and then do the transaction. The thrRead more

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