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Yonit Levi of Channel 12 Israel and Jonathan Freedland of The Guardian are two Jews on the news. Each week Levi in Tel Aviv and Freedland in London will give their take on developments in politics and life in Israel, the US, the UK and around the world. Since they’re Jews, you can expect to hear far more than two opinions at any given time.


The Dark Side - with special guest John Ware

As a new documentary probes the dark side of rock star Roger Waters, Yonit and Jonathan - who, in an Unholy first, are this week both in London - talk to the longtime investigative reporter behind the film: John Ware. Plus: the fallout from the Yom KRead more


Normalize This: Saudi Breakthrough And Special Guest Lesley Stahl

This week brought the strongest signal yet that a breakthrough in Saudi-Israeli relations is coming - with heavy hints from Benjamin Netanyahu, Mohammed bin Salman and Joe Biden. Yonit and Jonathan break it all down - and point to the man who’s likelRead more


Days of Judgement - with special guest David Remnick

It's the Jewish New Year -- and Yonit and Jonathan are joined by New Yorker editor and longtime friend of the podcast, David Remnick, to reflect on the year just gone and look forward to the year ahead. They discuss the Israeli Supreme Court's marathRead more


Deal Or No Deal - with special guest Prof. Jacob Hanna

Yonit and Jonathan are back from the summer break - and there is A LOT to talk about. Word of a possible climbdown by Benjamin Netanyahu on the judicial overhaul, an attempt to force out the head of Israel’s Holocaust museum - and a massive scientifiRead more


Conversations We Love: Ira Glass

Only a week until Unholy returns to regular broadcasting - which means one more edition of Conversations We Love, a series in which we return to some of our prized talks. And what better way to end summer vacation than with pioneering radio host Ira Read more

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