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Yonit Levi of Channel 12 Israel and Jonathan Freedland of The Guardian are two Jews on the news. Each week Levi in Tel Aviv and Freedland in London will give their take on developments in politics and life in Israel, the US, the UK and around the world. Since they’re Jews, you can expect to hear far more than two opinions at any given time.


The Burden and The Gift - with special guest Nicole Krauss

These are days of reflectiveness, between the Jewish New Year - Rosh Hashanah, and the holiest day of the Jewish calendar- Yom Kippur.  Yonit and Jonathan are joined by acclaimed author Nicole Krauss, for a discussion about Judaism that reverberateRead more


Unholy Live: Diplomatic Salon

Rosh Hashanah is right around the corner, and like almost every new Hebrew year lately, the upcoming one already has an Israeli election set in its calendar. The fifth round in three and a half years raises a lot of questions, the salient one being: Read more


Earth, King and Fire - with special guest David Wallace-Wells

While coverage of the Queen's death continues to dominate British news outlets, Yonit and Jonathan dive into the relationship between the Royal Family and the Jewish community - which may see the taking of a long-awaited step with a new king on the bRead more


The Elizabethan Era

For seven decades, Queen Elizabeth II was a symbol of stability not only in the commonwealth but on the world stage as well, helping to navigate her country through a series of shifts that rattled Britain in the twentieth and twenty first centuries, Read more


Under Construction - with special guest David Remnick

August has come to an end, schools have reopened and Jonathan has landed safely from vacation - which means Unholy is back! If you chose to spend your summer break in Israel, you might have met two issues - the first being the high price tags, and thRead more

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