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Ian Haworth Escaped a Cult to Help Others Free Their Minds with the Cult Information Centre

Ian Haworth is the General Secretary and main representative for the Cult Information Centre. He is responsible to the trustees. Ian has worked full-time as a specialist in cultism since 1979. Initially, he worked in Canada before returning to Britain in 1987, when he helped to start CIC. He is an ex-cult member, so he learned about cults the hard way! He has handled over 20, 000 enquiries and delivered over 1,200 talks on the topic. He has acted as a consultant to police, social agencies, educational and religious institutions, as well as being called as an expert witness in cult-related trials.   https://cultinformation.org.uk   And don’t forget to support the podcast by subscribing for free, reviewing, and sharing.   Check me out on YouTube with a livestream!  https://youtube.com/erichunley    Web: https://unstructuredpod.com/  Twitter: https://twitter.com/unstructuredp  Facebook: https://facebook.com/unstructuredp  Instagram: https://instagram.com/unstructuredp    Join the Facebook group: fb.com/groups/unstructured

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