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Humor and Honesty in the World of Women OBGYNs

I am joined by Jenn and Natalie from the awesome podcast - Another Day Another Vagina   Buckle up, laugh-lovers, for a rollercoaster ride of an episode where Super Bowl commercials meet the hearty haggis of Scotland, and beer blunders become the toast of the party! We're peeling back the curtain on our podcast's evolution and how we've crafted a space for women to chatter about the usually whispered, all while keeping you chuckling along the way. Whether it's a jaunt through the lighter side of our OBGYN lives or a candid take on the highs and lows of podcasting, we're here to keep it as real and relatable as your favourite well-worn hoodie. From the quirkiest karaoke picks to the 'Moms Gone Wild' escapades that'll have you in stitches, we're dishing out stories that'll stick with you like the remnants of a wild night out. As we chart our professional and personal landscapes, we'll reveal the mirth and mayhem that come with navigating women's health, and the unexpected camaraderie we've found among men and women alike in our growing audience. Plus, there's a sneak peek into the next season's brew, steeped with listener ideas and fresh voices to spice up the mix. Cap it all off with a romp through our travel anecdotes and the real-deal discussions about finding our place in the world – whether it's the serene allure of Greece or the fast pace of the U.S. Coasts. With a nod to our future plans and the promise of more enthralling guest encounters, this episode is your ticket to the behind-the-scenes banter and heart-warming hilarity that you've come to love. So grab those headphones, and let's embark on another chapter of unfettered fun and fearless conversation! Go listen to their show -   (0:00:05) - Real Stories on Walk the Line Super Bowl commercials, Scottish cuisine, and candid discussions among women on taboo topics in our podcast. (0:05:14) - Podcast Success and Personal Stories Our podcast explores the dual goals of entertaining and educating, feedback from listeners, and our dynamic partnership. (0:18:17) - OBGYN Women's Health OBGYNs discuss misconceptions, daily realities, and personal impact of hosting a podcast, while reflecting on first season and upcoming second season. (0:30:46) - Podcast Guests and Ideas Discussion Engaging audience on social media, controversial topics with guests, diverse panel for varied perspectives, and potential for future meetup. (0:35:08) - Favourites Places and Wild Nights Greece's beauty, settling down, East vs. West Coast lifestyles, tattoos, reliving youth, and the search for belonging. (0:41:02) - Drinking Stories and Karaoke Preferences White man fantasy, moms mistaking heartburn for heart attacks, perils of cheap wine, and favourite karaoke choices. (0:49:25) - Finding and Promoting a Podcast Our podcast can be found on various platforms, with a focus on growing our YouTube presence and featuring standout episodes on strippers and tech deal breakers.

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The Walk The Line podcast is a long form conversation hosted by Ryan Walker with friends and guests that have include entrepreneurs, actors, musicians, authors, artists, and beyond. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.