By Ramsey Coates & Caleb Cummings

WE ARE WED TALKS. is a casual conversation with past and current wedding vendors to educate and inspire today and tomorrow's talent, hosted by Ramsey Coates & Caleb Cummings.


ep.26 | Talking sweets and treats with Justine from Bluejays Bakery

ep.26 | Talking sweets and treats with Justine from Bluejays BakeryIn this episode, the boys sit down with Justine from Bluejays Bakery for the second time even though this is the first episode with her on the podcast (you'll hear more about that in Read more


ep.25 | 2 + 1= GREAT SUCCESS w/Melissa Wilson!!!!

Welcome to episode #25 WED TALKERS!The boys (Ramsey & Caleb) decide that it's time to make an addition to the "WE ARE WED TALKS." team and invite Melissa Wilson to be apart of the journey of educating and inspiring today and tomorrows talent.#educateRead more


ep. 24 | The wedding hair game w/Chelsey Domschke

It's "WED TALK" time again!!!Welcome to episode 24 with hair up & coming rock star Chelsey Domschke!Chelsey "WED TALKS" with us about her beginnings right our of high school, her fav hairstyles for weddings and how to know when to say no when it's riRead more


ep. 23 | Ballet to bartending to event marketing and managing with BB Liggett from Garden&Grain and Perfect Plain

Wassup "WED TALKERS", welcome to episode 23 with BB Liggett from Garden&Grain and Perfect Plain. BB is the event manager for two of Pensacola's most iconic watering holes, Garden&Grain, and Perfect plain. BB is super passionate about business and delRead more


ep.22 | The recap of the Atlanta trip

In this week's episode, Ramsey & Caleb fill us in on how the trip to Atlanta came about, how they got in touch with all the vendors, thoughts about another road trip and what Caleb is scared of more than anything! #educateandinspireDid you know Read more

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