By Ramsey Coates & Caleb Cummings

WE ARE WED TALKS. is a casual conversation with past and current wedding vendors to educate and inspire today and tomorrow's talent, hosted by Ramsey Coates & Caleb Cummings.


ep. 18 | Making the jump from pets to petals with Kaitlan Long of Downtown Flowers

Wassup "WED TALKERS" We are so excited about sharing the next few episodes with you all!! First off, we love every episode as they all have their own uniqueness to each one, but for the upcoming four episodes, WE ARE WED TALKS. went on the road to At… Read more


ep.17 | What's cooking with head chef Mike D from Culinary Prodcutions, Inc.

Hello "WED TALKERS" and welcome to "ep.17 | What's cooking with head chef Mike D from Culinary Prodcutions, Inc"!While Mike was honing his culinary/bartending/front, back and middle of the house skills working events all over town as the punch guy, h… Read more


ep.16 | How having faith to pursue her passion and having a community over competition attitude has helped Melissa Wilson from Melissa Wilson Photography reach success.

Welcome back "WED TALKERS" to ep.16 w/Melissa Wilson of Melissa Wilson Photography!Melissa got her start as a photographer at the age of 16 when she started doing weddings and events for her friends from church. Even though she was a new photographer… Read more


ep.15 | The evolution of Supposey.co w/Chloe Sexton

Hello "WED TALKERS"!Welcome to ep.15 with the amazing Chloe Sexton from Supposey.co, RentSupposey.co & The Posey Bus!Chloe got her start in the industry at the age of 16 while working at Fiore. By age 19 (that's right...19) she was inspired to start … Read more


ep.14 | Our first second time guest w/Kelly Rhodes from Southern Frills Weddings & Events

Hello! Welcome to WE ARE WED TALKS. ep.14.We are excited to have our first, second time guest  Kelly Rhodes from Southern Frills Weddings & Events back for this episode.Kelly was a guest in ep. 03 before the re-brand and is back now as an avid W… Read more

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