What the Hell Is Going On

What the Hell Is Going On

By American Enterprise Institute

The American Enterprise Institute’s Danielle Pletka and Marc Thiessen address the questions we’re all asking in their podcast, “What the Hell Is Going On?” In conversational, informative and irreverent episodes, Pletka and Thiessen interview policymakers and experts, asking tough, probing questions about the most important foreign policy and security challenges facing the world today.


WTH Do So Many Russians Support Putin? Ian Garner on Russian Propaganda and the War in Ukraine

Do Russians really support Vladimir Putin's aggression and war crimes in Ukraine? On the weekend of April 1st, Western media shared photos and videos of a brutal massacre in Bucha, Ukraine. The gruesome reports prompted a fresh wave of outrage over RRead more


WTH Can We Do About Inflation? Glenn Hubbard on Biden's Response, What's Causing Price Spikes and How to Fix It

More guns, less butter? Today, average Americans are looking at historic levels of inflation, economic contraction, and rising gas prices, soon to merit the term stagflation—and that's not all. People are leaving their jobs en masse, the average consRead more


WTH is Going On with Roe v. Wade? John Yoo Explains the Supreme Court Leak

Last week we saw the first leak in Supreme Court history – a draft opinion that reversed the landmark Roe v Wade ruling of 1973 and shot the topic of abortion back into the headlines. Former Supreme Court clerk John Yoo joins Dany and Marc again to dRead more


WTH is Going On in Eastern Ukraine? General Jack Keane on How to Defeat Russia

Nuclear saber-rattling, threats to expand the war, and $33 billion in new aid: General Jack Keane joins Marc and Dany to discuss the direction of the war in Ukraine. Putin’s efforts have shifted from Kyiv to the self-declared Donetsk and Luhansk regiRead more


WTH Is Going On with Patriotism? Yascha Mounk on How We Can Revitalize National Pride

Is good old American flag waving patriotism dead, only to be replaced with chauvinistic nationalism, or worse, anti-Americanism? Perhaps thinking of national pride as something rooted in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the U.S.’ proud historRead more

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