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Are You Ready for Change?

Change is Hard. But you don't have to go through it alone. Welcome to the Next Season, where co-hosts, Asante Cleveland and Craig Casaletto share their personal and professional experience, uncover some great and practical resources and talk to guests who share their stories in an effort to help us with ours.  This week, we dive into the two most important resources we can tap into to help us go from being reactive to being proactive when dealing with change. We also set the stage for what's to come on this new podcast journey and share a quick, but impactful tip that you can use right away to start setting yourself up for success. Have a question about how you can better navigate change ?  Is there a specific part  about transition that you struggle with?  DM us on our brand new instagram page @thenextseason podcast.  We will be dropping actionable content and resources to help make dealing with change.. a bit easier!

About The White Tiger Podcast

Change is hard. But every great beginning starts with change. If you’re thinking about what’s first? what’s next? or what you can do to jumpstart your new beginning, we want to welcome you to The Next Season. Retired NFL Tight End, Asante Cleveland and former police detective, Craig Casaletto want to team up with you by sharing their experience from on, in and off-the-field to help you figure out what your next season looks like and how you can better prepare for the challenge that change brings. (This is also the home of Craig and Asante's other show, The White Tiger Podcast). Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.