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The New Normal: Quarantine Mindset Tips, Costco Mayhem & The Tiger King

Hey guys, hoping this episode finds you safe, healthy and sane during this crazy time! We don’t know exactly what day it is, but what we do know is that we are excited to bring you this Podcast.We thought now would be a great opportunity to talk about adjusting to our new “normal” and what we appreciate about this time. In this episode, Craig talks about his Costco experience and how he survived the mass rush for paper products. Asante also puts out a request for sanitary wipes and reveals an amazing fact about something he’s never bought in a grocery store. We also talk about all things Tigers…The hit Netflix documentary, The Tiger King and also Clemson Tigers Football Coach, Dabo Sweeney’s prediction that there will be college football this season and it will start on time. You will also find out why this podcasting game can be ruthless and why Asante's Mom is concerned about his Social Distancing practices. All this and more this week on this gratitude episode of The White Tiger Podcast!You Can Follow The White Tiger Podcast on Social:   Instagram: @thewhitetigerpodcast  Facebook: Twitter: @whitetiger092  Also Check out our YouTube Channel at:

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Former Police Detective, Craig Casaletto partners with NFL Veteran, Asante Cleveland to bring you conversations about sports, creating a winning mindset and achieving success. The White Tiger Podcast also connects you with athletes, entrepreneurs and leaders in their space who share personal and professional stories about victory, defeat and what it takes to achieve your goals. Follow us on social @thewhitetigerpodcast to keep up with the latest info and added extras. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.