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Johanna Urbancik & Virna Setta

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Far away from Home - In conversation with Anastasia and Margo

*TRIGGER WARNING * This interview discusses sexual assault and war. This week's episode includes two interviews, one with Anastasia, who was born in Belarus but grew up in Ukraine. She lived in Bucha with her mother and left just before the Russian army got there. The second interview is with Margo, who was also born in Belarus but moved to the US at the age of ten. Margo now spends her time educating her followers on TikTok about the situation in Belarus. This episode first aired on Refuge Worldwide on 16th March. Follow Refuge Worldwide and KALTBLUT Magazine on Instagram. On The Ground is presented and produced by Johanna Urbancik and Virna Setta. Our logo is by Tyhran Sohoian and our original music by Bruno Santos.

About On The Ground

On The Ground is a new interview series by freelance journalists Johanna Urbancik and Virna Setta. The interview series is in collaboration with KALTBLUT Magazine and Refuge Worldwide. Some episodes aired exclusively on Refuge Worldwide and were uploaded seven days after the broadcast. On The Ground features interviews with young people on the ground in conflict and war zones. Our logo is by Tyhran Sohoian, our first interviewee for this series. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.