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Points of Policy: School Choice with Rep. Charlotte Meadows

On this Points of Policy edition of the 1819 Podcast, API Chief Policy Officer Phil Williams is joined by Alabama State House Member, Representative Charlotte Meadows, to discuss school choice and Meadows' bill that could strengthen school choice in Read more


The Alabama Accountability Act

On this edition of the 1819 Podcast, API's Parker Snider is joined by Stephen Bridgers, Executive Director of Scholarships for Kids, a scholarship granting organization. In this twenty-minute episode, Stephen and Parker discuss how the Alabama AccounRead more


The Importance of Protest as an American Freedom

In this episode of the 1819 Podcast, Bishop Jim Lowe, an API Distinguished Fellow and survivor of the 1963 bombing of 16th Street Baptist Church in downtown Birmingham, joins API Public Affairs Officer Scott Stantis and Director of Policy Analysis PaRead more


Easter's Impact on Politics

In this edition of the 1819 Podcast, API's Scott Stantis and Parker Snider discuss how Christians should operate in the political sphere in light of the greatest news in world history, that Jesus Christ, who died to take the punishment for our sin, iRead more


Ending the Grocery Tax

On this episode of the 1819 Podcast, API's Bishop Jim Lowe, Justin Bogie, and Parker Snider sit down to discuss the unique opportunity Alabama has now, in light of an influx of federal cash, to eliminate the state's sales tax on groceries.   To lRead more

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