The Money Doctor® Show

The Money Doctor® Show

By Mildred Dillon CPA

"Fix" your own finances right from your home, office or on your daily commute with this fun, easy listening take on financial health and wellness. WHO KNEW MONEY TALK COULD BE SUCH FUN?? Join us and find out! #moneyrx #yourmoneydr #moneytalk


#6 Money Success Starts with Money "Organization"

In this episode I describe a LIVE mail session showing how I” put money in it's place” - and that was by tackling my mail, on-camera previously"sight unseen" - and I do it in LESS than 20 minutes! You can too. But you'll need to SEE it to fully beliRead more


#5 About Those New Years Resolutions ....

In this episode I talk about how easy it is to take our eye off the ball, lose focus and even quit altogether. The year is still “new” and there is still time to refocus our efforts to reach our goals. Here’s a tried and true strategy I’ve used for sRead more


#4 Here’s a REAL Holiday Payoff

And by pay off, I mean "LITERALLY" paying off what we spent during the holidays, but even more is possible and I share all about how in this episode I share with you a secret weapon to jumpstart your savings and maybe even replace the money spent forRead more


#3: Getting Organized For The New Year

Today I’m sharing with you six key organization tools to help you go into the next year super prepared and super on top of the paper.


#2: The Gift of “Financial Health” is Priceless.

If you hadn't heard last week's episode, this is a continuation of the combination of "financial diet and exercise."   This week, we go deeper into what it means to have a healthy financial diet and what we need to have in place to have oneRead more

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