The Money Doctor® Show

The Money Doctor® Show

By Mildred Dillon CPA

"Fix" your own finances right from your home, office or on your daily commute with this fun, easy listening take on financial health and wellness. WHO KNEW MONEY TALK COULD BE SUCH FUN?? Join us and find out! #moneyrx #yourmoneydr #moneytalk


#14 The 4 Cs of Credit

Many people would be surprised to hear I had bad credit for 7 years...yep, it’s true.  It’s why I’m so passionate about SAVING MONEY. In this #14 Episode SHOCKER, I talk about how a DIFFERENT C (Capital), helped me rebuild not just my finances, Read more


#13 The Best "Formula" For Using Your Stimulus

As millions of Americans prepare to receive stimulus checks, in this episode, I lay out my signature prescription for financial success called my MoneyRx. This is the exact roadmap I followed for rebuilding my finances that hit rock bottom during theRead more


#12 What's Your "Net?" Speaking the Language of Your Small Business Lender

Small Business loan applications contain an interesting mix of personal and business questions, but a true business always shows some sales. But how much did you have left over after expenses? Are you showing any profit? Small business bankers are inRead more


#11 Withhold While You Work? The Ins and Outs of Payroll Taxes

In this episode I resume the discussion from Ep#10 on how the W-2 versus 1099 affects your ability to save money, taking a deep dive into the concept of refunds and "overpayments" on taxes. 1:22 The financial consequences of overpaying taxes 2:30 HowRead more


#10 Mail Mastery Course Announcement (Guest Interview)

So why all the talk about mail and a course on paperwork? Because I've had more clients than a few, PAY me to help them with it, before we can even get to the money conversation. It's also derailed many a financial plan with missed FINAL NOTICES, banRead more

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