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season 2 recap & what's next!

Let's reflect a bit on the last five months of Season Two along with Dr. Tracy. In this episode, Dr. Tracy discusses her favorite episodes of the season, discusses her mental breakdown along with all the changes she went through this season and shares with us all what's next for the best season of The Truth Doctor Show we've made yet! Dr. Tracy goes over each upcoming episode in Season Three and what she's going to create for you all! She also recorded this episode completely live in Instagram so you also get to experience what a fully unedited episode sounds like (spoiler alert: she doesn't need any editing). We are so excited for this episode and can't wait to have you learn what's next! Lastly, Dr. Tracy spills all the information on all her latest upcoming projects and leaves us wondering: How the hell does she do it all? Want to learn more about the The Truth Doctor? Check out her website: Follow The Truth Doctor on Instagram: Follow The Truth Doctor on TikTok: Watch The Truth Doctor Show on YouTube: DISCLAIMER: This podcast is not a substitute for clinical, medical or professional support. All information provided here is strictly for educational purposes and should be seen as advising your personal situation. --- Send in a voice message:

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The Truth Doctor Show is hosted by none other than the Truth Doctor herself –Dr. Courtney Tracy! As a therapist, Dr. Tracy realized that vulnerability, authenticity and real, raw, honest conversations were missing from the dynamic world of mental health; and her almost 2 million person following agree! She offers a unique, never-before-experienced rawness in therapist form. Always a human first and professional second, she teaches us about how our body and mind work and remind us that while we're only human, being a human is absolutely incredible. Enjoy! Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.