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Megan McKernan: The Truth About PTSD, Boundaries, and Authenticity

In this episode of the HUMAN First podcast, Dr. Courtney shares space with a fellow licensed mental health professional who struggles with her mental health, Megan McKernan. Megan is a LCSW in the state of Maryland who owns a practice called Clarity Wellness Solutions. On her website, she says “Everyone has their own trauma. What matters is how we deal with it” and that is essentially what we discuss today! Here is a list of the topics/questions they discuss: Megan lets us know her astrological sign and who she is as a person Megan believes mental health care is a right, not a privilege Defining PTSD and C-PTSD for the audience As a therapist that struggles, what does that look like for Megan? Setting boundaries while recovering (SO important!) What was it like suffering from childhood trauma and now working with children? How meditation can happen anywhere, even in the car (yessss) What does mindfulness look for Megan Things Megan did that she thought were self care but were actually autopilot Being mindful of the intention of a coping skill (such an important message) Different types of boundaries are there and what worked for Megan Difference between rigid, flexible, and semi-permeable boundaries How showing up authentically validates others inadvertently What fighting the stigma against mental health looks like As a therapist how to push through for your clients Breaking down myths about PTSD You can find Megan on Instagram at: Learn more about Megan's clinical practice at: Dr. Courtney Tracy’s additional offerings: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter: @_thetruthdoctor SNAP Discover Show: Therapist Reacts Exclusive YouTube Show: The Truth Doctor Show Healing texts: USA & Canada (424) 228-9525 (just shoot her a text!) Website: This podcast is not therapy and does not provide personalized clinical advice. The purpose of this podcast is to provide mental health based entertainment and psychoeducation.

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What does it mean to be a human in today’s world? More crucially, what does it mean to be a human first—to experience the truth about your inner experience and how to help yourself before tending to any external needs? If you've struggled to answer these questions, then this podcast is for you. HUMAN First with Dr. Courtney dives into honest and real conversations about what it means to be a human with both physical and mental health needs. Guests include clinical experts, doctors, entrepreneurs, survivors, coaches, and more. We hope our episodes help you. New episodes come out on Wednesdays! Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.