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Mental Health Communities: "You Can't Heal In An Invalidating Environment"

Join Dr. Courtney Tracy, aka The Truth Doctor, a licensed psychotherapist and doctor of clinical psychology, as she discusses Seven Aspects Every Mental Health Community Should Have to ensure it's a safe and validating environment. Dr. Courtney discusses recent life events and how her experiences led her to creating her own mental health community for her global online audience. There's also a discount code in the episode for those who want to join! We think this episode could help people who want to learn what to look for in a supportive community and those who experience traits of or are diagnosed with borderline personality, autism, and/or ADHD. We'd love to hear from you via screenshots on social media by tagging us at and @truthdoctormedia. Thank you, and enjoy. The main message of the episode: You deserve a community that helps you heal, and that teaches you what it means to be a human while treating you like one. Follow Dr. Courtney on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube at Learn more about Truth Doctor Media at LISTEN TO EPISODES ON ALL MAJOR PODCAST PLATFORMS! Timestamps: 00:00 - 00:49 - Intro and Starting the Truth Doctor 00:50 - 04:17 - Dr. Courtney's outpatient center and job interviews re: BPD stigma 04:18 - 05:20 - How stigma lives on the internet and social media too 05:21 - 08:24 - What is a "Validating Environment"? and What is "Community?" 08:25 - 08:30 - Seven Aspects of A Healthy Mental Health Community 08:31 - 11:04 - 1) A safe and supportive space 11:05 - 11:39 - 2) Accessible mental health resources 11:40 - 12:26 - 3) Empowerment and advocacy 12:27 - 13:22 - 4) Holistic mental health approach 13:23 - 14:49 - 5) Embracing diversity and reducing stigma 14:50 - 16:33 - 6) Community engagement and connection 16:34 - 17:47 - 7) Mental health education and awareness 17:48 - 19:54 - The Truth Doctor's three slogans 19:56 - 20:19 - Dr. Courtney's Validating Environment: her new Glad You Exist community 20:20 - 22:42 - The Glad You Exist community 22:43 - 24:16 - Glad You Exist community mental health and BPD healing offerings 24:17 - 25:16 - Why did Dr. Courtney create the Glad You Exist community? 25:17 - 26:35 - Learn more at (discount code: HFPOD) 26:36 - 30:29 - Upcoming Glad You Exist events and the six principles of Glad You Exist 30:30 - 33:05 - Outro and "so glad you exist" COMMUNITY WEBSITE: Starter Membership (3 months w/ discount): Annual Membership (12 months w/ discount): #mentalhealth #community #borderlinepersonalitydisorder --- Send in a voice message:

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Dr. Courtney Tracy, a licensed clinical social worker and doctor of clinical psychology in California, hosts an unfiltered mental health podcast that holds nothing back. As an award-winning content creator, Dr. Courtney's goal with this podcast to leave you with powerful takeaways that impact your life or to at least leave your heart feeling a little more full or a little more understood. You're a human, FIRST, and Dr. Courtney's here to remind you of that. Follow Dr. Courtney on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube at New episodes every other Tuesday! Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.