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EQ@Work With Mucha Mlingo

Mucha Mlingo

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E11: The Power Of Agility

Agility is about adaptability - the ability to pivot, to respond swiftly to new challenges and opportunities. It's about acknowledging that change is the norm, and our success lies in our capacity to embrace it. In a landscape where the only constant is change itself, those who can swiftly adjust their strategies, tactics, and approaches are the ones who will thrive.

About EQ@Work With Mucha Mlingo

Join host, Mucha Mlingo as she shares tips & tricks that will help you power up your career with Emotional Intelligence - the 'soft skill' that drives professional success!This podcast is for professionals who are keen to leverage the learnable skill of Emotional Intelligence to increase impact & effectiveness at work, build and strengthen professional relationships to maximise influence Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.