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Fatherhood Unveiled: Rob Kenney's Journey from Abandonment to Internet Dad

Rob Kenney, the creator of the YouTube channel "Dad, How Do I?" shares his personal story and the inspiration behind his channel in an interview with Kenneth Braswell on the I Am Dad podcast. Rob grew up without a father and made a promise to himself to be a devoted father to his own children. He extended his fatherly guidance to the world through his YouTube channel, providing essential life skills and lessons to those who were missing a father figure in their lives. The channel went viral during the pandemic and now has millions of subscribers. Rob discusses the impact of his work, the challenges he faces, and his desire to bring fatherhood back into the spotlight as a positive and important role. He also emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and his faith in guiding his actions.   YouTube.com/dadhowdoi Instagram.com/dadhowdoi Facebook.com/dadhowdoi TikTok.com/therealdadhowdoi

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The I AM DAD. Podcast is an exploration of fatherhood insight, information, and inspiration for dads, their families, the people who love, and those that support them. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.