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048: Liberation

Hello again - why we took a break and an introduction into the process I have found that works the best for me when it comes to expansion and creating… Alignment.   Give this a listen to hear in real time how I birthed a new idea that was obviously soul aligned and flowing through me with the highest of vibes.   It’s real. It’s new. And it might just be exactly what you wanted to hear. Mentioned in this episode; Email me with “interested” in the subject line to talk about all of the details. (Cart is open from Oct 8 - 20th)   Sign up to make sure you don’t miss any details    Please like, share, subscribe, and review us wherever you listen.   The Lifestyle Creation podcast is not sponsored. All production and distribution is paid for by the host. If you would like to contribute to support the podcast, you may do so at @jamiethurber on Venmo or

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You have the picture in your head of what your life can be for a reason, but sometimes balancing it all feels impossible. Join Jamie Thurber, Expert Operations Manager and Productivity Queen turned Mindset, Business, and Lifestyle Coach bi-weekly for real-life conversations about how you can shift your perspective, change your habits, and start intentionally designing life on your terms. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.