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028: High Performers

Output vs. InputConsume vs. CreateHigh Producer AND Self-care?  I know now a lot of people believe that it is not possible to have a work-life balance OR feel as if you’re actually handling all of the things in your life, business, job, family, health, etc. at the same time without going insane or being stressed to the max. I’m here to tell you that it IS in fact, possible.  This conversation went a bit in a different direction than I originally anticipated (which are the best kinds usually). So, jump in for some perspectives, a way to stop thinking you’re never doing enough, and some serious outlook on mapping out your responsibilities that you can start doing right now to start braiding balance into your life too.  Mentioned in this episode:Intentional LivingEmail me:

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You have the picture in your head of what your life can be for a reason, but sometimes balancing it all feels impossible. Join Jamie Thurber, Expert Operations Manager and Productivity Queen turned Mindset, Business, and Lifestyle Coach bi-weekly for real-life conversations about how you can shift your perspective, change your habits, and start intentionally designing life on your terms. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.