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017: Your Lens

Looking outside of our own lens…. A concept I wish was more mainstream. Learning to take a moment and look outside of the small realm of our own reality, only our personal experiences is a tool that will prove more lucrative than you could imagine.In this episode, I dive deeper into the concept that maybe there is a way we can honor our own realities AND be able to not only SEE but honor and maybe even understand where others are coming from as well.This isn’t a discussion meant to change your thoughts, it’s a discussion that I hope will inspire you to get more deeply connected with your own actual belief and understand them more. Understanding yourself and why you choose to plant your flag somewhere creates a level of empowerment I think a lot of us spend most of our lives looking for.In this episode, I also discuss the massive benefit of learning to LEAN IN, because it’s really hard to hate up close.I’m excited about this one so I hope you’ll join me in this powerful talk.Mentioned in this episode:My videoBraving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone

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You have the picture in your head of what your life can be for a reason, but sometimes balancing it all feels impossible. Join Jamie Thurber, Expert Operations Manager and Productivity Queen turned Mindset, Business, and Lifestyle Coach bi-weekly for real-life conversations about how you can shift your perspective, change your habits, and start intentionally designing life on your terms. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.