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The Vow

My oh MY looks like SOMEONE got hit by a car & can't remember that Channing Tatum is their husband- so relatable! Sound familiar? No? Then you mustn't have seen the 2012's non-classic, The Vow! Join us as we FINALLY get back to our microphones to discuss how terrible Channing Tatum looks in hats, Mambo #5, and Mambos #1-4.     Here is the link to our brand new Patreon!!   Follow the pod on Twitter! Or create tension between us by only following  Allie or Kerri Gaze at us on Instagram  REPORT us to OURSELVES on our website EMAIL us at heybrunchcomedy@gmail.com !!!! (we're not kidding DO IT!)   *~*~* LINKS OF STUFF WE TALKED ABOUT *~*~*   QUIRKY MUCH?   K weirdly I can't find a picture of "the friends from the movie to vow" so here'a picture of mumford and sons instead

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Comedians, Canadians, Celine Dion-enthusiasts and un-biological twins Kerri Donaldson and Allie Entwistle (JFL Northwest Award Winning duo, Brunch Comedy) take a critical & comedic look at their love/hate relationship for rom coms. Join them as they invite guest comedians to bring in their favourite rom com & delve into the will-they-won’t-they world of romantic comedies. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.