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3. Episode 3 with Julia Sotas

Show Notes A Trophy Wife is a woman who is usually married to a man who is older who has money and that was something I wasn’t willing to do. I had some family members who were extremely judgmental. I grew up with people who were like rocks on legs. Its amazing how judgmental I became and now I'm much more aware of the judgments I'm coming to. Interesting Point of view I have this point of view is the tool I use all the time. I was using it when I thought something was wrong. What if I just acknowledged "this is a judgment and I'm judging?". The judgments affect our body like being in an electric chair and we're so used to it and we're basically numb to the fact that we're hitting ourselves with a taser all the time and the more you become aware, it physically hurts your body and your being. I started to become very clear where I was judging and it was so much, I continued to use that tool and it gets lighter and lighter and now I'm aware of where I'm judging myself. It becomes a different reality when you start to recognize how much you're judging yourself. When you judge yourself, acknowledge you're judging yourself. What energy, space, consciousness and choice can you be to be the trophy wife you be with total ease? Some people are naturally great at being a trophy wife. Everywhere you're not grateful for your own success which doesn’t allow yourself to be grateful for other people's success can you destroy and uncreate it all? What if you didn’t have to resist being a trophy wife and didn’t have to resist being cared for? Are you willing to be cared for or are you pushing people who care for you away? How many times did you want to run away from someone who really cares for you because you didn’t know who to receive? How much of the big 5's are you using to avoid the caring you could be choosing? We spend so much energy on resisting caring from people. Run this on all those areas. The whole planet cares for you! Judgment is an insanity- positive and negative. How much of the big 5's are you using to have the judgment you're choosing? Being a trophy wife is all about the willingness to receive . It's not about being a young woman, it's about women who are truly kind, truly willing to receive their partner, never making them wrong and always looking for something different when things aren't working.

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What else is possible beyond this reality that you haven't yet chosen? Julia Sotas is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator that has weekly guests talking about the amazing world of Consciousness. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.