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Creative Pivoting With Paul DiGiovanni

1:12 - What led you to the transition from performing in pop to writing in country music? 4:49 - What was it like for you studying the “Nashville system?” 6:26 - How did you end up with working such a diverse list of artists, from Justin Moore to Jordan Davis? 10:16 - What are some of the steps you took to be a successful producer? 13:51 - Do you have a certain style/approach to your music production? How do you help bring an artist’s vision to life? 16:50 - How do you balance your production time with your songwriting? 18:44 - What is some advice you’d give to newcomers looking to build community?

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This is the Association of Independent Music Publishers, Nashville Pubcast. Hosted by Big Machine Music's Vice President Of Publishing, Tim Hunze. Bi-weekly, you'll be informed of issues in the world of music publishing, and gain insight as a songwriter maneuvering your career. For more information about the Nashville, AIMP visit www.aimp.org. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.