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AIMP: Nashville Pubcast

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A&R: The Job and Process

Rohan Kohli, Director A&R at Warner Music Nashville, sits down with Tim to explain the ever-evolving role of A&R and how to prepare talent for a record deal.   1:01- Rohan's background and path to his current position.  3:11- Do you feel your background prepared you for your A&R role?  5:22- How would you define your position with Warner Music Nashville? 7:42- How do you stress test (music) as a real day to day objective? 11:52- The importance of intuition for a hit song. 13:34- How and where do you find artists, and when do you know that it's time to make a deal? 16:32- What would be the best piece of advice for getting ready for a record deal?

About AIMP: Nashville Pubcast

This is the Association of Independent Music Publishers, Nashville Pubcast. Hosted by Anthem Nashville’s Senior Director of Creative, Tim Hunze. Bi-weekly, you'll be informed of issues in the world of music publishing, and gain insight as a songwriter maneuvering your career. For more information about the Nashville, AIMP visit Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.