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AIMP: Nashville Pubcast

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How to Stay Relevant: Past & Future

Lionel Conway has helped shape the musical landscape running successful, independent publishing companies for over 30 years and personally signed artists Tom Waits, U2, Lucinda Williams, The Decemberists, and more. Tim takes us through the career of an iconic music publisher, then offers a microscopic look at the key tools of the trade to withstand the ever-changing shape of the music industry, and finally looks at what is to come for music publishers with there current deal structures. 01:12- Tim offers insight and background into Lionel's career. 05:33- "What do you credit your passion and relevancy in the music industry?" 09:28- "Walk us through the infancy stages of publishing to the major money we're looking at now." 14:10- "How do you see deals changing in the future (deals and technology)?" 21:39- The state of resources from major label deals and what modern publisher do. 23:20- Lionel's opinion on Fractional Licensing and pulling rights from the PRO's.

About AIMP: Nashville Pubcast

This is the Association of Independent Music Publishers, Nashville Pubcast. Hosted by Anthem Nashville’s Senior Director of Creative, Tim Hunze. Bi-weekly, you'll be informed of issues in the world of music publishing, and gain insight as a songwriter maneuvering your career. For more information about the Nashville, AIMP visit Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.