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Raised Right: The Untold Impact of Black Fatherhood

Need relationship advice? Text Dr. Gabe. How crucial is the role of a black father in his children's lives? In this episode, Dr. Gabe recounts his experiences growing up in a predominantly black community, where the influence of hip-hop, street culture, and peer pressure was ever-present. He shares powerful anecdotes about how his father's unwavering presence and discipline kept him and his sister from becoming statistics.  This episode is a heartfelt tribute to the strength of family bonds and a call to action for rebuilding the fabric of the black community. Text bandwidth to 94000 to stay up-to-date on all things Bandwidth. Gabriel Powell Merch Use the code BAND10 for 10% off. Website Support the Bandwidth Podcast Cash App $bandwidthpodcast Connect with Bandwidth Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Twitter Connect with Dr. Gabe Instagram | YouTube | Website If you are interested in advertising on this podcast or having Dr. Gabe as a guest on your Podcast, Radio Show, or TV Show, reach out to

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