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Opening a Vegan Café & Zero Waste Shop in Dublin - Sebastian, The Carrot's Tail

On the first day of lockdown I moved into a new house within 5km of The Carrot's Tail. The vegan café quickly became a fortnightly highlight for me and my housemates. In this episode, I talk to Sebastian, one of the founders of the business, about his personal journey to veganism to the running of the café. Give them a follow on Instagram @thecarrotstail or Facebook. Don't forget to rate, review, share, and if you can, please support this podcast on Patreon ( or Buy Me a Coffee ( We cover: (02:45) Sebastian introduces himself. (04:55)How the switch to environmentalism and veganism came about for Sebastian. (09:35) How & why The Carrot's Tail came about. (13:20) The relationship with other vegan businesses in Dublin. (15:30) Addressing the balance of supporting small businesses and vegan options in big chains. (18:50) The initial reception The Carrot's Tail received when opened. (23:45) How they feel about the future post lockdown. (26:35) Tips for managing food waste at home or commercially. (34:10) Tips for anyone wanting to reduce their animal product intake or go vegan. This episode is also available on YouTube. Check out for more! x

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Each episode I interview business owners, activists and other everyday people, to learn how they contribute to living sustainably. By educating ourselves, we can then take a leaf from their book to add to our own way of living. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.