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The Mercosur Deal, Chimps, & Activism - Laura Kehoe

For episode 40, I had the pleasure to interview Laura Kehoe, an activist, scientist, conservationist - all the ists! She has done, and continues to do, so much for the planet, it's quite mind-blowing. She is a true inspiration and I know I say this about all my episodes, but I really can't wait for you to listen to this one. We cover a lot, it's listed below and you'll find links to campaigns & resources too. I hope you get something out of this, because I sure did. Don't forget to rate, review, share, and if you can, please support this podcast on Patreon ( or Buy Me a Coffee ( More on: [04:50] Laura's path to conservation & activism. [10:35] What it was like to work with chimps & how they're doing now (check out the talk Laura gave!). [15:10] The main issues threatening chimps. [18:05] Ways in which we can help them. [18:30] The work of and what 400 Trees is about. [22:20] What is the Mercosur deal? [30:40] Having effective conversations with people about climate change, and experiencing burnout. [45:30] Managing the stress of fighting for a better world. [47:10] What can WE do regarding the Mercosur deal? [52:35] Green Santa. Resources Mentioned: The Wild Chimpanzee Foundation. Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots programme. 'Don't Tell Me What to Do' study. The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible book by Charles Eisenstein (available free online!). Extinction Rebellion. Animal Rebellion (Irish page). Here's a video Laura sent on to me about the eco food labels we were talking about.

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Each episode I interview business owners, activists and other everyday people, to learn how they contribute to living sustainably. By educating ourselves, we can then take a leaf from their book to add to our own way of living. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.