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Ask And You Shall Receive

Many of us limit ourselves and limit our opportunities because we simply won't ask for what we want. Lindsey reminds you today that there are opportunities in your life that are literally one question away. Master your mindset, optimize your life with The Inner Game, Episode 160. ------------------------------------ Download your FREE Ultimate Mindset Coaching Toolkit to start working with your first client today:

About The Inner Game with Lindsey Wilson

In 2-5 minute (daily) episodes, former professional athlete, business owner, and master mindset coach, Lindsey Wilson, will take you on a personal growth journey to become a better leader, competitor, and human, one day at a time. If you are a coach, athlete, entrepreneur, or all-around high performer who nerds out on mindset work, this podcast was designed for you. Start your day and change your mind(set) with The Inner Game Podcast: Daily mindset work for high performers. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.