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Mental Toughness : Pt. 2

In Part 2 of Lindsey's 3-Part MENTAL TOUGHNESS series, Lindsey reminds you why defining mental toughness is important - for you and your team. She continues the series today by sharing 5 more examples from real coaches about what it means to be mentally tough. Master your mindset, optimize your life with The Inner Game, Episode 318. -------------------- Download your free copy of 15 Signs of a Mentally Tough Athlete. Review it with your athletes and post it in your locker room to define what it truly means to be mentally tough > -------------------- For more on this topic, check out our latest blog, 4 Tools to Awaken Your Inner Competitor >

About The Inner Game with Lindsey Wilson

In 2-5 minute (daily) episodes, former professional athlete, business owner, and master mindset coach, Lindsey Wilson, will take you on a personal growth journey to become a better leader, competitor, and human, one day at a time. If you are a coach, athlete, entrepreneur, or all-around high performer who nerds out on mindset work, this podcast was designed for you. Start your day and change your mind(set) with The Inner Game Podcast: Daily mindset work for high performers. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.